The company was established in May 1986 formed by Madhu H.Parmar, having 20 years of rich experience in the fiields of waterpro ing, repair, maintenance and rehabilitation. The failures & challenged, practical experience has taught us to overcome the inherent defects of concrete and its solutions, this force us to associate with the renowned manufacturers of Specialties construction chemicals and its application with latest equipment technologies.

PERMATECH is principally involved in technical consultation in the area of waterproofing, installation of waterproofing materials to buildings, waterproofing to roofs, basements and walls, waster pits, water reservoirs, canals and sealing of underground tunnels, etc. and marketing of a wide range of products for the building and construction industries.

PERMATECH is also involved in the Basement Waterproofing, Epoxy, Cementations, Polyurethane Injection grouting, Foundation Grouting, Polyurethane Sealants, Roof Coatings, Concrete pavement repair. The Company is backed up with various specialties in order to enhance the life of structures and provide appropriate services, including installation of waterproofing & repairs material at the site. Our reputation as a waterproofing & repairs concern is well known to international manufacturers and contractors with whom we have forged strong links over the years in matching customer needs. PERMATECH can be associate with and represent forward-looking principals from all parts of the world.

In line with the current market trends, PERMATECH works very closely with leading architects, engineers, developers, contractors and consultant's right up to the last minute details. The combination of a wide range of quality products to select from and the detailed attention to services has enabled PERMATECH to be the market leader in the industry. Developers who insist on quality and superiorfinishes come to PERMATECH for our guarantee of reliability.

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